Time Group Room
11:30 Heritage Dancers Crystal Ballroom
11:45 River City Riders Crystal Ballroom
4:45 High Country Dancers Presidio Ballroom
6:50 Colorado Dancers Crystal Ballroom


Time Group Room
1:30 Hand 'n Hand Square Dancers Crystal Ballroom
4:30 Heritage Dancers Presidio Ballroom
4:45 Colorado Dancers Presidio Ballroom
6:50 River City Riders Crystal Ballroom
8:30 - 8:50 Round Dance by Rey & Sherry Garza,
Exhibition by High Country Dancers
Crystal Ballroom


Time Group Room
1:30 Handicapable Dancers Crystal Ballroom
4:30 River City Riders Presidio Ballroom
4:45 High Country Dancers Presidio Ballroom
6:50 Colorado Dancers Crystal Ballroom
8:30 - 8:50 Round Dance by Bill & Beth Davenport,
Exhibition by Heritage Dancers
Crystal Ballroom

Exhibitions Groups

The California Heritage Dancers

The purpose of Heritage Dancers is to promote awareness of the historic and artistic value of square dancing, the folk dance which is truly American in origin. Further, the Heritage Dancers strive to demonstrate through educational exhibitions and entertainment the unique place which square dancing holds in our national culture.

The American public is generally aware and quite well-informed of the variations in ethnic folk arts throughout the world. This is due in part to abundant travel opportunities, education, and the "melting pot" nature of our culture. However, many citizens are regrettably unaware of the richness of the art forms which have originated here and are unique to our nation. American Square Dancing is a case in point. This, like the people who have contributed to its development, is a product of the cultural melting pot which makes our country great. Contributions have been made by English, French, Scottish, and Irish settlers, then later by the Spanish, Western pioneers, cowboys, miners, and ranchers. More recent times have seen significant contributions by Henry Ford and Lloyd Shaw, to say nothing of the many innovative callers.

The Heritage Dancers were organized in 1986 by its founder and director, Ruth Walker-Hagan, to bring this cultural heritage to the attention of the American public. Extensive research (pre- internet) has resulted in a series of dances performed in authentic period costuming. The ever-expanding repertoire currently includes 23 different or variations of dances dating from the Colonial period up through the 1950’s.

The Heritage Dancers have performed at U.S. National Square Dance Conventions, the Canadian Square Dance Convention, a number of State Conventions and Festivals, and multiple local festivals and other events. We look forward to these many opportunities to bring the history of the United States to life through square dancing.